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May 31 \'10

10:39 AM

Tyranid Army on Ebay

Hi everyone (you should be reading Minijunkie.com by now!    The Tyranid army is now on Ebay.


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May 29 \'10

11:32 AM

Moving On! Hope you will join me :)

Hey gang!

This isn't the end of my painting blog or anything but it's the end of "Tincture Adept" and this URL   I've started up a new site on a new host. The new site is called Mini Junkie (on that site you can read the "About" page to see why.

Links (Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds so you can come along to the new site with me, don't want you guys to miss anything!


This is something of a trial period - I find the new site allows me to organize and post my galleries more quickly and effectively, and looks nicer to boot.  It will allow me to add other interesting widgets etc as well. Probably I coulda figured out how to do it here but I'm ready to move away from "Tincture Adept".

This blog will stay in place likely until ~ October (because it is paid up until then!) and then will likely go into the sunset. That said, I've moved a few times and my various CMON and other galleries, domain names etc are all getting a bit disorganized and confusing to me. I need to figure it out so half my CMON gallery doesnt stop working

Hope to see you on the new site, thanks for being a part of my hobby!

Oh, by the way - the Tyranid Army will likely go up on ebay this weekend Im also working on some of the new trolls. You can see a few on my new site (in the galleries) and I'm about to work on three more.

Best Regards

Jarrett Lee

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May 24 \'10

2:43 PM

Musing on Warmachine

Note: the Tyranid army price has been reduced (below).

Lately I'm having a bit of a love-hate thing with Privateer.

- Love their books

- Hate their plastics (was just finding it a real chore to clean up a Khador jack's mold lines without ruining the rivets, and I wish they worked with regular plastic glue)

- Love their factions

- Hate that I can't find much inventory anywhere in Edmonton these days. Comex has an "ok" selection. Chaos Gaming has almost no inventory left these days. Was gonna do up an Everblight army this weekend (lol) and couldnt find the darn models. Ditto the new Butcher model (so I picked up the aforementioned jack). Even my old stand-by (Sentry Box) is out of the new Butcher.

Anyway - I'm just cranky today due to crazy allergies despite taking Aerius medicine daily   It's really got me down on the hobby today and I'm just feeling some frustration.

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May 22 \'10

1:58 PM

Tyranid Army For Sale

Alas, the time has come to part with my beloved Tyranid army that took a ton of time and effort to paint. I'm hoping to find a good home for it.  Those of you who follow the blog regularly can guess why I'm selling

The army was painted with a range of techniques mixing regular brush/detail work and airbrush techniques. The carapaces have been treated with a satin finish that looks amazing - the shell stands out from the flesh without being overly glossy (you can really see it well on the Trygon photos below). I've also spot-treated certain areas with gloss to make them slimy looking. Note that I am not available to commission additional units/troops for this army.

The army includes (I believe with options and if you proxied this Trygon as a prime you can probably get up around 1750-2000 points):

- Tyranid Prime (converted)

- Tyrant with 2 Tyrant Guard

- 24 Termagaunts

- 12 Tyranid Warriors

- 3 Zoanthropes

- Mycetic Spore (conversion from a toy model)

- 10 Gargoyles

- 5 Raveners

- 2 Hive Guard

- 1 Deathleaper

- 1 Trygon

Here are some photos. There is a buy now button at the bottom if you are interested which takes you to paypal.


Price: 1450.00  USD + Shipping

 (buyer only pays actual shipping, cost shown on paypal checkout is just estimated and difference will be refunded)

NOTE: if the button below doesn't work for you, go ahead and email me any inquiries (or for an invoice) at jarrettL@shaw.ca

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May 22 \'10

1:55 PM

Eldar - Saim Hann

Hi guys,

(Sick of red yet??)

In anticipation of the new Fire Prism model coming out in early June I picked up some Eldar models to try out Saim Hann colorschemes. Bit harder than I expected - in the photos in particular the red is a bit flatter than I'd like. Probably needs more edge highliting (among other things). I have a vyper jetbike almost done, and will be probably doing some jetbikes too...not sure, can't decide how enthused I am about these results. I do like the black stripes etc, and the gems. I kinda messed up the clear part of the canopy with my hobby knife even though it was masked off.

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May 8 \'10

9:20 PM

Baal Predator # 2 Finished, will be on Ebay tomorrow night

As the title says, finally finished this guy. I'm doing another short video of this piece for Youtube as well but will be a while before it's done rendering and uploading. It occurred to me today that this red might look nice on a Khador Army....

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May 7 \'10

11:42 PM

Another Baal WIP shot

Getting there. Almost done.

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May 3 \'10

7:46 PM

Baal Predator WIP

Hey folks,

Working on another Baal Predator - this time with the driver helmet-less and the twin-linked assault cannon turret. Lots of work left to do.

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Apr 25 \'10

6:15 PM

Imperial Fist Dreadnought Finished

So, despite all the suggestions yesterday (lol) I decided to paint the "windows" on the dread with fire like on the box. I think it looks pretty kickass. Hope you like him.  Also, I believe the Baal Predator will be on ebay this week.

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Apr 24 \'10

10:31 PM

IF Dread nearing completion

This guy's nearly done - but I'm a bit stuck. Im not sure to do with the black "windows" - should I paint flames in there like the one on the box? I realize that's more fitting for Salamanders but still - they dont have a monopoly on the burning wrath of the Emporer!   Any thoughts on that?  Probably shoulda chosen a different set of front plates for the sarcohphagus.  Also, he needs finishing touches, dullcoat etc.


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